We use one simple ingredient to make our ciders – apples.

So the structure, aromas, mouth feel, and any residual sugar are definitively tied to the quality of our apples. This is why our work begins on our farm.

Shorty after we got into cider making, we knew we wanted to grow our own fruit – to have ultimate control over the quality and variety of the apples for our cider. So in the spring of 2015, we purchased and revitalized a beautiful apple orchard in the Hudson Valley.

At Twin Star Orchards, we’re determined to grow the best raw materials for our cider. We are integrating IPM and organic and biodynamic approaches to work towards becoming a more sustainable and more ecological enterprise. Furthermore, we believe that “ugly apples taste better” than most commercial apples, which value appearance and size over flavor.

We grow apples without concern for appearance; we’re only concerned with flavor. We currently have more than 50 acres of ugly apples that are in full production and supply much of our cider making, and we have planted nearly 8,000 baby trees of rare hard cider varieties (not for eating) and high acid, disease-resistant heirloom varieties.

We expect to source all of our apples for cider production from our farm within 2-3 years and to be a supplier of rare cider and heirloom apples for other New York cider makers in 4-5 years, once our new trees are in full production.


Visit Brooklyn Cider House at Our Farm!

Visit Brooklyn Cider House at our orchard in New Paltz, New York and taste our award-winning craft hard cider! We’ve got the best wood-fired pizza outside of Brooklyn (and Naples!), locally-sourced burgers, fresh baked goods, and seasonal produce from our garden. We also have a great selection of New York cider, wine, and spirits and pick-your-own “ugly apples” in the fall! Visit our orchard and bring home some cider and some memories.



155 N Ohioville Rd
New Paltz, New York 12561
(845) 633-8657

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Open April to Early November

**Our orchard is now closed for the season.**

Thanks for a great 2017 season! See you in April 2018!