• brooklyn cider house (map)
  • 1100 Flushing Avenue
  • Brooklyn
  • United States

Join us for an Opening Reception

Free tastings of Brooklyn Cider House hard ciders will be offered, as well as live music with jazz keyboardist, Amir Segall, from 7-9pm

Dining Room 1 features large-scale paintings by Alex Rupert that skillfully combine the aesthetics and techniques of street art murals and fine art practices, like the study of still life, alongside whimsical hand-built ceramic sculptures by Kenjiro Kitade. His anthropomorphized sheep and their flanking “guard dogs” symbolize the relationship between the rule and the ruled, and are a metaphor for human shortcomings.

Dining Room 2 features Kate Fauvell’s pieces from her “A Love Letter to My City” series of wall-sized photo collages and limited edition prints that highlight beloved places and experiences of New York City, exploring “memory, impermanence, and the inner and visceral experiences that connect people.”

The Private Dining Room features oil paintings by Christina Batch-Lee, which offer lush, abstracted depictions of red jellyfish on gold-leafed grounds, exploring both the beauty and inherent danger of the natural world out of balance.

During the opening reception, we’ll have limited-edition prints by Mika Saito displayed directly on the giant chestnut cider barrels.

Curation for this exhibit is by local Bushwick gallery, 3RD ETHOS and Christina Batch-Lee for Brooklyn Cider House.